Growing up privileged like a princess, Sudi lacked for absolutely nothing. That is until when at age 10 her dearly beloved father, who meant everything to her, passed away. Throughout her life, Sudi felt connected to her father’s spirit, eventually leading to being guided into her life’s divine purpose.

Sudi grew up with a lifelong affinity for creating a healthy lifestyle. As a precocious six year old, she intuitively gathered leaves, plants, and flowers; creating a vegetarian soup. Because of her passion and love for herbs and alternative medicine, she became an expert in nutrition, as well as exercise, and alchemized both, uniquely tailoring health programs for her clients’ ideal mind/body/spiritual health.Despite the thriving business, Sudi felt compelled to be of more efficient universal service than her one on one guidance provided.

Soon, tragedy struck again. This time in the form of a devastating car accident that brought Sudi’s mind fully into the spirit world, losing consciousness and connection to this earthbound dimensional existence, but receiving ethereal entrance through a portal of light into a whole new world, with an overwhelming sensation — blissful beyond description, of being “home,” with her father’s spirit coming to her like a guardian angel, in a cosmic reunion of father and daughter.Despite begging to stay in the angelic realm, she was told she still had a lifetime of work to complete. While healing from the terrible accident, a new perspective on life overcame Sudi, beginning a new journey deeply within, studying Sufism, Buddhism, and the Kabbalah, which inspired her career into the direction of life coaching, mentoring and an even more focused holistic approach with nutrition. Sudi’s teachings expanded internationally when, “Sudi’s Show” began airing on TV and continued its run for over 10 years on its international TV station.She reached thousands of viewers and touched them with her daily spiritual teachings. Towards the last years of “Sudi’s Show”, she began to more fully embrace the topics of health and nutrition, as well as the spiritual realm with her viewers.

In the last few years, Sudi has truly recognized her spiritual gifts and fine-tuned her special role as a healer. The pivotal moment for her was when a healer channeled Spirit to deliver a message to Sudi: “You have been chosen to help people open their hearts and go within. You are a healer!” This Spirit informed Sudi that she has been a healer for “many lifetimes.” This experience opened Sudi to receive messages directly from Spirit. Sudi’s first meditation was held live on international television, resulting in a “coming home” level of peace and serenity. This captivating meditation began the first of many seminars around the world in which Sudi would lead a meditation and share her spiritual lessons to inspire countless others to hopefully inspire others, in turn. Sudi surrenders to Spirit’s guidance in all areas of her teachings. She knows she is completely fulfilling her life’s purpose. Many of Sudi’s teachings are available on DVD and CD and is currently creating her new line of DVD’s and CD’s.